Greedy People Are Patient People, Sometimes.

Greedy people are patient people, sometimes.

Are poor people powerless because they are poor or are they poor because they are powerless? Also, areĀ  most rich people powerful because of their riches, or are they rich because they are powerful? Oliver cannot seem to put his head around this shit. And he really hates it when he cannot get his head around shit he thinks about. He imagines a convoy of black Prado 150s burning rubber on rough asphalt on their way home. Inside one of

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The Story of A Hopeless Girl Called Hope.


They say that ‘nothing can dim the light that shines from within.’ But when Oliver stared into Hope’s eyes, there was no light. Not even a glimmer of ambition. What was there was an emptiness and a darkness and deadness so powerful that it was infectious. The more Hope spoke, the more Oliver felt his own light dimming. They are inside a mud shack that’s in the middle of millions of other mud shacks. In this neighbourhood, shanties are cramped

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Wanja Didn’t Like My Armpits.

Wanja Didn't Like My Armpits

As far as Oliver is concerned, it is easier to spend the whole day counting the grains of rice in a 50kg bag than to approach a girl. He would rather become a clown, dedicating all his life to wearing ridiculous make up and sticking a big round red nose on his face, amusing children with silly jokes as if he were not a grown up. You should know, Oliver does not exactly think of clowns as useful people. He

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People Don’t Die; They Ran Ahead.

People don't die, they simply ran ahead.

When he was dying that Friday night, I was having a cold Guinness as I grilled T-bone steaks because that’s what people do on Friday nights. Not that he preferred dying to eating meat, no. In fact, he loved meat. He loved his meat grilled in charcoal, tender and juicy. Perhaps he liked it this way because he had lost most of this teeth in all the years of fighting to stay alive. Come to think of it, everyday is

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I’m In A Relationship, But It’s Complicated.

Complicated relationships in life.

I get off on many things in life. Except math. Math is frustrating. Math is like trying to untangle tangled up earphone cables in a hurry – you only make it worse by trying harder. I consider that it is because of my relationship with math that I do not also trust people who say they are in relationships but “it’s complicated.” They make it sound as if their partner is a math problem – a tangled up mess of

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There Is Nothing Casual About COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I won’t lie, I am frightened. I am frightened because Kenya now has 4 confirmed cases of COVID-19. I am more frightened because I do not know how many more people have contracted it that haven’t presented themselves to hospitals. Initially, it seemed like an ‘outside Africa’ problem – how inaccurate a thought! The virus silently crawled into the continent and welcomed itself. As I write this blog, the world has 195 countries, 163 of which have confirmed cases of

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Dollar money on

Dear Client, Picture the good Lord – in brilliant white robes like burning magnesium – standing next to ravishing Golden Gates holding a paper that shines like the sun. That paper gleams like the cheques you are supposed to give me after I complete your assignment. Penned on that paper in indelible golden ink is a list of names that will join an eternal choir: a choir who will massage God’s ego with songs of praise for the rest of

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What’s Behind The Image?

President Of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta gulping his favourite drink, beer.

Does Uhuru Kenyatta fart in his blankets? Does he make it worse by sniffing around as if hoping that this time it’ll smell like citronella? I know he’s the president but, si he is a person at the end of the day? And let us not lie, normal people [read: boys] do these things. I wonder, does he open a container of Delamere yoghurt, carefully peel the aluminium foiling and give it one hell of a good lick on the

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  I had never spoken to her before in my life. But when I did, she couldn’t hear anything I was saying. Love can be as deaf as it is blind and as blind as it is deaf. She couldn’t see the point I was making either. Because she was in love. In so deep she somehow couldn’t notice the dent it had made on her life. “You don’t know me – don’t know us. So you don’t understand.” She

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Nocturnal Enuresis & Being A Form 4.

  Maybe the devil isn’t a lier. Maybe we just put the blame on him to make ourselves feel better. Because blaming someone or something other than yourself is somewhat relieving. In the spirit of the devil and lies and blames, I wasn’t blaming anyone for my mistakes today. I wasn’t going to let this happen. The last time it happened I lost something very valuable to me, and that was the right to sleep on the top most bed

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