My Vision Board.

My Vision Board.

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It is about 2 AM as I write these thoughts. Not deep thoughts, not shallow thoughts – just thoughts. I have just spent about 2 hours creating my vision on Pinterest, an undertaking I got on after seeing Al Kags’ Facebook post about vision boards earlier yesterday. It reminded me that once upon a time, when I was 17, I had created a vision board for my life. It had no timelines, just pins of the desires of that 17 year old for his future self. And as I was going through it, I was surprised to see that I have actually achieved some of the things in it, in one way or another. 

Obviously there are many that I have not achieved, just as there are many more that are not relevant now that I have grown a bit older and my path is a bit clearer. For example, I used to want superbikes, tattoos and to drink expensive whiskey so that girls could see me and be coming, now I only want a house that has a walk-in closet for my future wife, to wear 3-piece suits and to own a Toyota Fortuner Legender or a Land Rover Defender 110 pre-2020. Now, I want to see myself becoming

As I was deleting the previous pins to replace with my new priorities, it kept bothering me why I was caught by surprise that I had achieved some of my goals. It occurred to me that they did not feel like wins because they were only the small ones, not the main ones. And this happens to me a lot. I set out to pursue a goal, then, I get so caught up in the joy and chaos of the journey that I forget to take a seat and look back to see how far I am from where we started. As a result, I keep feeling dissatisfied, sometimes frustrated and angry and stupid, because why the heck am I not moving?

Today, I have been reminded that movement is movement. Doesn’t matter how little. I have reminded the importance of stating clearly where you are going. Vision Boards help you to see what you want your future self to have. Seeing, not hearing or imagining, gives a vivid and memorable picture that you can desire. And you can desire it because it has already been done, so very well within our reach. Constantly looking at your Vision Board reminds you why you are doing this. Or why you should continue to do it. It sparks something in your mind because you can see and almost taste what you want. 

The interesting thing about creating Vision Boards is that at the time of setting them up, they are usually within one’s reach. One feels deep within them that they are capable. Then they go on a little dance with life doubt enters the stage. Depending on one’s personality, doubt steals the show. When this happens, go back and look at your Vision Board. Stare at it. I assure you the fire comes back alive. So get a vision board, constantly look at it and ruthlessly pursue it.

PS: This is not a self help blog post, but just make your Vision Board on Pinterest.