It Feels Like An Avalanche.

2560 1709 Oliver Kagwe

As I begin to write this blog post, my mind feels like a kids playing ground and a market place during market day and the White House during a crisis and like a ship caught…

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2560 1707 Oliver Kagwe

This is what we do every single moment of our lives. It all starts with ourselves, then with others. When you wake up in the morning, leaving the warm, cozy sheets for the harsh chaotic…

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Leaders Are Not Necessarily Gurus.

Leaders Are Not Necessarily Gurus.

1920 1280 Oliver Kagwe

Being very good at something does not make you a leader. Not being very good at something does not mean you cannot be a leader. I am of the opinion that leadership is not dependent…

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Dollar money on


2048 1152 Oliver Kagwe

Dear Client, Picture the good Lord – in brilliant white robes like burning magnesium – standing next to ravishing Golden Gates holding a paper that shines like the sun. That paper gleams like the cheques…

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Who Doesn’t Love An Office Job.

700 466 Oliver Kagwe

To be honest, there’s little pride in doing a dirty job. Ask anyone who does a dirty menial job they’ll tell you. If there was a possibility for them to do a ‘clean’ job, they’d…

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