Because Of Pizza

Nothings turns a modern day girl ON more than some slimy mrenda mixed with bitter managu eaten with brown ugali. She will fall head over heels with you if you serve her boiled sweet potatoes and uji for breakfast in bed. Let me tell you a secret that you never knew: girls love traditional food. Take a light-skin cutie out and buy her githeri for dinner, her interest in you will increase by a margin of 70%! However, that was

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Non-Issue – #1

This is one of those weird blogs that you will ever come across. Trust me. And for anyone who I might offend here, please let your eyes read no more at this moment. Please note that I have warned you in advance and anything you do after my warning is solely on you. If you have made a decision to continue reading, I hereby say that Oliver is NOT responsible for your interpretation, e.i. either positive or negative, and the

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10th Most Dangerous City In Africa – #1

Dark pregnant clouds hung lowly as the once calm breezes turn into frenzied winds. I watch as carelessly littered papers swirl in the twisting dust devils, high and higher up the dark sky they go. The air is filled with noises of working engines, hooting cars, distant sirens, constant bangs from this and that corner of the street, sheets of metal blattering against each other and varrying roars of thunder. The sky would occasionally flash up with a brilliant white

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Morality – Why We Are Missing The Point

On 11th and 12th of April, 2018, twitter was flooded with people expressing their disgust over how teenagers take and post on social media. Tweeting under the hashtag #ifikiewazazi, Kenyans condemned while some were shocked at the rot that is with these millennials. A quick look at Kenyan instagram accounts will show you exactly what I mean by rot. Not only are the photos exposing way too much skin, these wacky individuals take extremely smutty poses that can potentially give the

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