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Anti-financeBill protests in Kenya

They Did Not Believe – AntiFinanceBill Protests In Kenya

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The events that have occurred in Kenya over the last two weeks have been more than just surprising. The Kenyan government was caught flat-footed by the power of its citizens to mobilise in large numbers…

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Reflections on The #RejectFinanceBill2024 Protests

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Tuesday, June 18th 2024, was an important day for Kenya as it demonstrated (to Kenyans themselves, our leaders and the world) that young people are woke and beyond ready to demand for government transparency, accountability…

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How Underrepresented Is Underrepresented?

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The term “underrepresented communities” refers to groups of people who have historically been marginalised and are often given less visibility, opportunity, or representation in various aspects of society compared to other groups. This can include…

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Earth Day

Earth Day & International Women’s – Who’s Post Is The Best?

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Today, I came across a social media post reminding us that April 22nd is Earth Day. By all intents and purposes, a good day. One where both the people fighting the problem and the problem…

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We Are Advertisers, not Politicians.

We Are Advertisers, Not Politicians.

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I originally published this blog post on 19th March 2024, but then my website factory reset itself. Just like that, without my permission. As if I am not the one who gives it life and…

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