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How Underrepresented Is Underrepresented?

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The term “underrepresented communities” refers to groups of people who have historically been marginalised and are often given less visibility, opportunity, or representation in various aspects of society compared to other groups. This can include economic, social, political, and cultural dimensions. These communities may be defined by a variety of factors such as race, ethnicity,…

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Earth Day

Earth Day & International Women’s – Who’s Post Is The Best?

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Today, I came across a social media post reminding us that April 22nd is Earth Day. By all intents and purposes, a good day. One where both the people fighting the problem and the problem itself unite in acknowledging that truly, we must solve the problem for it is causing many other problems that are…

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We Are Advertisers, not Politicians.

We Are Advertisers, Not Politicians.

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I originally published this blog post on 19th March 2024, but then my website factory reset itself. Just like that, without my permission. As if I am not the one who gives it life and fame. My website guy explained to me exactly what happened – he mentioned servers, backups, things – but like many…

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It Feels Like An Avalanche.

2560 1709 Oliver Kagwe

As I begin to write this blog post, my mind feels like a kids playing ground and a market place during market day and the White House during a crisis and like a ship caught in a tempest and like the inside of a pressure cooker and, just chaotic. In any random order, I am…

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We are planting a 100-acre forest.

We Are Planting a 100-Acre Forest.

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There is a point to this article, and it has everything to do with trees. Before this year, I had only ever planted a tree once in about 24 years of life on earth. I planted 3 trees – Grevilleas. This was no easy task. It involved me interacting with soil, mud, sweat and other…

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My Vision Board

My Vision Board.

2824 1156 Oliver Kagwe

It is about 2 AM as I write these thoughts. Not deep thoughts, not shallow thoughts – just thoughts. I have just spent about 2 hours creating my vision on Pinterest, an undertaking I got on after seeing Al Kags’ Facebook post about vision boards earlier yesterday. It reminded me that once upon a time,…

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I lost my boots

I Lost My Shoes

2560 1707 Oliver Kagwe

The other day, I wrote about a guy who lost his shoes. That guy is me. You people who sent me messages asking, I hereby confess. They were black, leather, Chelsea boots. A pair of beauty. I walked in them and felt like the Matrix. Or Chuck Norris. I was ready to take down the…

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If I Were In Charge Of Marketing Kenya…

2560 1702 Oliver Kagwe

Although it may not seem like it now, Kenya has everything it needs to have a strong, stable economy. Specifically, I think we have what it takes to increase our literacy levels, improve and make affordable our healthcare, increase our exports and put money in people’s pockets. It is possible for Kenya to be a…

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Lost shoes

A Guy Who Lost His Shoes

2560 1709 Oliver Kagwe

Here is a situation: your man comes home and tells you that he has lost his shoes. You look down and you find that what he says is true. Then you lift your eyes slowly and they settle where they meet his. The expression you are wearing is close to one you would have on…

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Motivation and Addiction

Quit Motivation, Start Action.

2560 1707 Oliver Kagwe

The new year is upon us, just like all previous new years. Most people spend this time in more or less the same way – in keshas, in clubs, at home with grandparents, on holiday etc. Then, soon after the first few days, they buy note books and diaries. You will then miss them from…

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