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2560 1707 Oliver Kagwe

This is what we do every single moment of our lives. It all starts with ourselves, then with others. When you wake up in the morning, leaving the warm, cozy sheets for the harsh chaotic world, you consciously choose to contend. When you rush in the streets, strive in the office, study in school, do…

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Voter Apathy Is Real Amongst Youths

Voter Apathy Is Real Amongst Youths

1708 2560 Oliver Kagwe

What’s worse than a politician? A person who believes in a politician! Various extensive studies seen by have shown that it is more probable for Jesus to actually come back and take his flock than for politicians to actually do what they say they will do! And before you think I am making up…

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Letter #1 - Wakenya

Letter #1: Wakenya

600 600 Oliver Kagwe

Dear Oliver, I have received your letter in which you have expressed your frustration with me. You have rightly put it that I have not been writing back to you – a cause of severe frustration for you. I wish to salvage my reputation with you by stating that my silence has not been deliberate,…

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Why are our farmers poor?

Why Are Most Farmers Poor?

2560 1704 Oliver Kagwe

Malindi, Kenya.  No one can imagine how triggered I felt when I walked into a fruitmart in Malindi only to find that half of the produce there was either from South Africa, Egypt or Turkey. I was disappointed and angry. And not only are these things international, but also outrageously overpriced for a town like…

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Moving Away From Being A Taxnation

Moving Away From Tax in Taxnation

2560 1768 Oliver Kagwe

I think the government should consider taking some time to catch a little bit of air. It has been very busy chasing us to pay taxes, all while introducing new ones. As you might have noticed (if you are still at the bottom of the pyramid like me), they have taxed the heck out of…

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The more the options, the better the decision

The More The Options, The Better The Decision

1920 1024 Oliver Kagwe

Nope, not quite so. It turns out that the more options you have the more negative emotion you experience. Brands are especially notorious in this regard. It is far more likely for a brand to introduce a new sub-brand than for it to kill one that deserves to forced into extinction. When killing is not…

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Ka mua, Ka muri - walking backwards into the future.

Ka mua, ka muri – walking backwards into the future

1707 2560 Oliver Kagwe

This is a proverb by the Māori people of New Zealand (other sources attribute them to ancient Mesopotamia). It means walking backwards into the future. Take a moment to think about this incredibly cool idea! When we talk about the past and the future, we seem to mean that we walk into the future with…

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Social Media is evi

“Social Media is Evil”

1920 1280 Oliver Kagwe

In a twitter space titled ‘the good and the bad of social media’, speakers have ganged up against social media. One after the other other, they are passionately going on about how evil social media is, and the many evil outcomes that it has resulted in. Not a single one of them is pro social…

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Plane Diversion in Belarus

My Thoughts On The Belarus Plane Diversion.

2560 1707 Oliver Kagwe

I have been closely following the news on the events that happened in Belarus on the afternoon of Sunday, 23rd May 2021. It was stuff from fiction movies! What happened was that passengers aboard Ryanair Flight 4978 were cruising towards to Vilnius, Lithuania from Athens, Greece. The flight had so far been normal, with nothing…

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#KwaniYouthNiNani – Misrepresentation of Youths in Government.

2560 1707 Oliver Kagwe

There is a peculiar observation that I have made and I wish to share it with you. If you take a quick look at the composition of our government, you will notice more men than women, hardly any youths and let’s not even get started with persons living with disabilities! Yet, there are more women…

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