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January 2021



1920 1079 Oliver Kagwe

If you cannot share your emotion, If you cannot share in emotion, If you cannot express your affection, And be seen to endure affliction, If you cannot say your idea, If you have to be…


The Relationship Between Value & Evil

2560 1438 Oliver Kagwe

About a week ago, I asked the following question on my WhatsApp status: Are human beings inherently good or are they inherently evil? The responses I got had me concerned. Someone said “Inherently Evil! No good…

Human being

Before Anything Else, We Are Human Beings.

1920 1278 Oliver Kagwe

I have never really been a fan the alphabet people. For a long time, I have considered them an immoral, weird and unfit crop of human beings who would much rather live on their own…

Please Stop Beating Our Moms.

2560 1440 Oliver Kagwe

I wish you were there those nights, because you would have a better understanding of what I am about to write. You would have looked at her face and wouldn’t have stopped there. You would…