Welcome to Okagwe.com. The owner (Oliver), loves stories and writing. From songs, novels, plays, movies, news, reports, proposals etc. Unfortunately, I am pathetic at storytelling. I kid you not. But hey, do you stop doing what you love because you don’t know? No.

Feel at home in this space. I shall be sharing with you my stories and perspectives on various issues. And I hope my perspective does not scare you!


Okagwe.com is also my practice field. It is a platform where I teach myself how to write. I write because I established that I have very bad writing skills. However, I am not afraid to expose my bad writing because I understand that it is out of this that I will learn.

My aim is also to inspire people who feel like they have poor writing skills, but have a story to tell. That is why I created the section ‘Your Stories’ – where I allow you to publish your interesting stories on my blog.

I have interests in communication, sociology and most of all, the future and how prepared we are for it.