Johnny Doesn’t Care.

Johnny Doesn’t Care.

420 546 Oliver Kagwe

Late this evening, my friend (Stalone) and I decided not to take a boda boda from Statehouse Road to Tao, and instead, we walked.

We had managed to convince ourselves that it was unhealthy to spend about 70% of our days sitting. Imagine this: sitting in your bed in the morning for a prayer, sitting in your seat for breakfast, sitting in a mat (or your own car) to town, sitting on a rider’s bike to work, sitting for many hours at your desk and in meetings, sitting on the throne (toilet) to unwind and check Facebook in the afternoon, then reverse the rider, mat and your house (where you sit further). That’s a lot of sitting and physical inactivity for a young energetic man.

On our way, we came came across Johnny (a white guy) and Njeri (a beautiful, young African girl) taking a stroll by the road side. I could tell that they were just from jogging. Johnny was in a light grey t-shirt, black shorts and blue sports shoes, while Njeri was in a light grey sweat jacket, black tights and purplish sports shoes. She had a cap on her head and her hair was pulled back.

Stalone and were behind and heading in the same direction as them, just that they walked slower than us. We were doing what we do best, minding our business.

It was normal to see their arms wrapped around each other from time to time. I think Johnny was funny because Njeri heartily laughed at his jokes and held him tighter as they walked. After walking for a while, they suddenly came to a halt. We slowed down. Johnny pulled Njeri closer by her waist, then gave her an amazingly deep kiss that lasted about 5 seconds. Damn! The kiss made a noise that for a moment got me feeling how good it was! Johnnie couldn’t wait. He had to do it there and then.

I was partly disgusted.

Stalone was very disgusted. “Eish mazee nini hawa wasee wanadu?”

We walked very slowly now. Our eyes fixed in Njeri, not Johnny. We looked at her so hard that I imagine she could feel our gaze burn her face – because during the kiss, she opened her eyes and looked at us VERY UNCOMFORTABLY, before pulling away from Johnny. She was not proud of those few seconds. It was evident. She was nervous that we had seen what they’d done. Statehouse road is a very deserted road in late evenings, so she was probably happy that there was only 4 of us on this stretch.

Stalone was itching to say a few words to them. I knew they’d be ugly words, and they’d spoil the mood the two had from the kiss. So I stopped him and we hurried past them.

I want to judge Johnny, but I my judgment for Njeri would be worse. Going by what I’ve seen, she’s probably from a very rural village and a not so wealthy family. She might have been desperate for a better life while in her village. She might have craved for money so bad to get her out of her poverty situation. Then Johnny came along with his dollars. He freed her from her monsters. He gave her money and a better life.

But at a cost. Njeri gives it to him alright. But she is not happy. If she were to sit and call herself to a small meeting, she’d agree that this is not what she wanted. But..

For Johnny, Njeri is just another button added to his belt. He doesn’t genuinely care about Njeri. He wouldn’t force Njeri to do what she was uncomfortable with if he did. And he wouldn’t be lying to her. But..

To Njeri and similar Njeris, Johnny and similar Johnnies don’t care about you. Think hard about the sustainability of your relationship(s).

Ask yourself, is this really the life you’d want for both you and your children? Is your mother proud of your job? Is the feeling deep within yourself happiness? Or is it sadness?

Think Njeri THINK.