Anyone who knows anything knows that once in a while, hitting that reset button is an important thing to do in life. Because I am among those people who know things and therefore how important it is to press that button, two weeks ago, I pressed it. I had been considering it for a while and had been reasoning out why it was for me to ‘undertake that undertaking’. I knew I wanted something fresh, both for my readers, my blog and myself. Something invigorating, something intriguing, something beautiful, something interactive. Something to make my blog stand out. Something to keep you coming for more – and not just my well-written stories.

So, like the creative person I consider myself to be, I set out to look for a simple but quality theme. If you have ever found yourself in a position where you have to select a theme, then you know it feels like attending a banquet where the food gets better and better as you proceed forward, and you’ve only got one plate. I dived into a sea of themes and paddled through sleek and ugly designs alike. I sampled them and dropped them if they did not satisfy my desire. Other times I wrote down ones that were close to the hitting the G-Spot.

Then, because ‘he who searches does not stop until he finds’ (as in atafutaye hachoki akichoka kisha pata), I found one. Guys, multiple orgasms! It’s called Ronneby. I know you don’t know it, and that’s the thing – I’m here to teach you stuff. I kid you not, this is the most beautiful theme you will find on the internet for your blog, and any other creative website that you’d want to build. Ronneby excited me because it was exactly what I had been looking for. And without further ado, the activities of customising it to my liking started. I am nowhere close to a web designer but I know a thing or two about web design. I am sure if we ever found ourselves in a situation where we were required to build a website so as not to be killed, we would not die.

But like in all things in life, there is always disappointment hiding and lurking in the shadows. I began experiencing trouble with my beloved theme. It was not agreeing to be customised. It was not respecting my commands. I instructed it to change its white colour to black, it refused. I reloaded the page, it ignored completely. Like a disobedient child. I continued to believe that it will change and show me a bit of respect. It did not. In fact, it got worse. It had been a week now. Oliver got frustrated. Oliver then sought help from his developer friend called Kevin. He is the OG. He know things about computers that computers don’t know about themselves. If you have at any point in your life thought that you are a computer literate person, think again. Think really what being computer literate means – because you have not met Kevin.

Kevin, who I feel the need to insist is the OG of all matters IT, scratched his head hard as well. He admitted that he had not seen anything like this. He advised looking for another theme. It was painful. But sometimes what we think is best for us at a certain time is in fact not the best at that time. I looked back at all the work I had to go through to find Ronneby, and the thought of going through that again made me tired already. So I decided that my current theme was still usable, only now I had to change a few things like my logo and layout.

So if you had expectations of being awed by my new site and now you haven’t – pretty much like expecting an orgasm but it doesn’t happen – please bear with me. Ronneby refused. I pleaded with it, I organised sacrifices to appease its spirits but it still refused. I even called a website whisperer (Kevin) but his whispers failed to move Ronneby’s heart. Now we are here, back in our old house. But I have done a bit of re-painting… and moved things here and there… and bought a few new things as well.

The promises this refurbished website makes are as follows:-

a. A minimum of 4 posts in a week.
b. More insightful and creative content.
c. A platform for you to publish your stories on my website, with all due credit to you.

I am very passionate about telling stories and getting people to tell theirs. And I am keen on becoming a better storyteller. By sharing people’s stories on my blog, I hope to create a platform where people express themselves (even in incognito if you so wish), and a pool of experiences that people can seek inspiration and learn from. So share your story with me regularly on my email ([email protected]) because you have a story to tell as well.