Holding A Fart Is Harder Than Releasing It – Always Remember!

Holding A Fart Is Harder Than Releasing It – Always Remember!

Holding A Fart Is Harder Than Releasing It – Always Remember!

1920 1566 Oliver Kagwe

I bet you do not remember the shock on your face when you let out your first fart. You either found it disgusting, or fun, depending on the social class you were born into. Truth is, you did not understand it, yet when it continued to happen again and again, you either tried to imprison it or you blissfully let it free. It will give you peace to understand that things can either be controlled or not. Things that are meant to be controlled should be controlled and those that cannot be controlled should be let to unfold as they please. Trying to control things that cannot be controlled is a waste of energy as you might release when trying to hold a fart rather than release it.

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It is quite unfortunate, not being able to release a fart. Even the queen of England agrees. Oliver thinks that it is fascinating how nature humbles all of us. It reminds us that at a basic level, we are all human beings made of the same flesh, bones and biological systems. Oliver is of the strong opinion that because of this, it would do humanity a lot of good if we all interacted with each other as human beings first and foremost. When we overlook (and it is hard), all the differences that cause us to judge each other, we will experience life (and one another) in ways so beautiful we are not even ready!

The same way someone in Kiamaiko breaks wind is the same way royals at Buckingham Palace do. And do not allow yourself to be deceived by appearance, it smells exactly the same! (Perhaps with a little bit more Champaign). When He was creating us, Oliver is convinced that God had wanted farting to be part of our lives. He had purposed for all of us to have an eclectic digestive system – one that would included production of gas and releasing it. What He had not planned for is that we would trivialise such an innovative function as if it even didn’t matter. But that is what humans are known for – trivialising matters. They trivialise the complexity of the universe by claiming that the earth is flat and that there is no moon. They trivialise governance systems by choosing to be lead by people such as Trump and Uhuru. They trivialise the basic functions of society by believing in communism and they trivialise even themselves by not believing in the potential they have for great things.

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Farting has prevented you from living a miserable life characterised by the discomfort of a bloated abdomen and a sick colon. Nature always gives us a chance. An equal chance to do good or bad. A chance not to eat all the fish in the ocean or a chance to finish the reserves. We could plant trees and make our world habitable again or we could expand our concrete jungles and fill them up with wooden furniture. We could choose to be mindful of each other or we could choose to continue hating on gay people. Nature gives us a chance to fart and enjoy all the relief that comes with it, or a chance to hold it and suffer all the discomforts.