Be Okay

The Relationship Between Value & Evil

2560 1438 Oliver Kagwe

About a week ago, I asked the following question on my WhatsApp status: Are human beings inherently good or are they inherently evil? The responses I got had me concerned. Someone said “Inherently Evil! No good exists in us.” They went on to quote me a verse from Genesis 8:21, where the Lord said, “the imagination…

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Human being

Before Anything Else, We Are Human Beings.

1920 1278 Oliver Kagwe

I have never really been a fan the alphabet people. For a long time, I have considered them an immoral, weird and unfit crop of human beings who would much rather live on their own planet than mingle with us – the straight, ‘natural’ and ‘morally upright’ ones. Even now as I write this blog, I…

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Please Stop Beating Our Moms.

2560 1440 Oliver Kagwe

I wish you were there those nights, because you would have a better understanding of what I am about to write. You would have looked at her face and wouldn’t have stopped there. You would have looked into her eyes and still, you wouldn’t have stopped there. You would have stared into the depths of…

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2021, It’s Time!

1706 2560 Oliver Kagwe

Will there be fireworks at midnight tonight? Whom will they mesmerise, seeing that we have a 10PM curfew? Or perhaps I misjudge. They do not explode fireworks to mesmerise us – they explode fireworks to represent something. What will they be representing this year? A change in time? The joy of finally coming to the…

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It's not always about feeling loved.

It’s Not Always About Feeling Loved.

2560 1707 Oliver Kagwe

There are those moments in our lives when our heads feel like a vacated house. Empty and quiet. Moments when we feel alone, as if we wandered into the Kalahari and have now lost all sense of time and direction. Moments we find ourselves preferring to huddle up in corners and folding into ourselves like…

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Leaders Are Not Necessarily Gurus.

Leaders Are Not Necessarily Gurus.

1920 1280 Oliver Kagwe

Being very good at something does not make you a leader. Not being very good at something does not mean you cannot be a leader. I am of the opinion that leadership is not dependent on whether or not you know how to do something extremely well. I have seen “pro’s” who perform dismally as…

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Before It Sets You Free, Life Beats You Up.

Before Life Sets You Free, It Beats You Up.

2560 1707 Oliver Kagwe

Before it sets you free, life beats you up. It spits on you, curses you and drags you on the dirt. Before it exalts you, it crushes your spirit and breaks your faith. It deems you worthless. Like a beggar on the streets. And even after all this, your freedom is not guaranteed. I have…

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Is anyone to blame for the inequality of the world?

Is Anyone To Blame For The Inequality Of The World?

1920 1280 Oliver Kagwe

Growing up, I was always angry at my mother and my grandmother for not working hard enough to buy me the things I desired. Things that according to me, were basic things to have because every other kid in my neighbourhood had them. Things like a bicycle, remote controlled toy cars and a leather football.…

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Ignore The pressure, It Is Okay.

1708 2560 Oliver Kagwe

Is it wrong to feel sad because of this Corona Virus disease 2019 (COVID-19)? Is it unacceptable to be out of sorts because there are lock-downs and curfews and uncommon restrictions on how one interacts with ones family, ones friends and other people? Why is everyone making it feel criminal to think and worry about…

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Holding A Fart Is Harder Than Releasing It – Always Remember!

1920 1566 Oliver Kagwe

I bet you do not remember the shock on your face when you let out your first fart. You either found it disgusting, or fun, depending on the social class you were born into. Truth is, you did not understand it, yet when it continued to happen again and again, you either tried to imprison…

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Greedy people are patient people, sometimes.

Greedy People Are Patient People, Sometimes.

2560 2164 Oliver Kagwe

Are poor people powerless because they are poor or are they poor because they are powerless? Also, are  most rich people powerful because of their riches, or are they rich because they are powerful? Oliver cannot seem to put his head around this shit. And he really hates it when he cannot get his head…

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The Story of A Hopeless Girl Called Hope.

1920 1440 Oliver Kagwe

They say that ‘nothing can dim the light that shines from within.’ But when Oliver stared into Hope’s eyes, there was no light. Not even a glimmer of ambition. What was there was an emptiness and a darkness and deadness so powerful that it was infectious. The more Hope spoke, the more Oliver felt his…

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Wanja Didn't Like My Armpits

Wanja Didn’t Like My Armpits.

1707 2560 Oliver Kagwe

As far as Oliver is concerned, it is easier to spend the whole day counting the grains of rice in a 50kg bag than to approach a girl. He would rather become a clown, dedicating all his life to wearing ridiculous make up and sticking a big round red nose on his face, amusing children…

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People don't die, they simply ran ahead.

People Don’t Die; They Ran Ahead.

1280 853 Oliver Kagwe

When he was dying that Friday night, I was having a cold Guinness as I grilled T-bone steaks because that’s what people do on Friday nights. Not that he preferred dying to eating meat, no. In fact, he loved meat. He loved his meat grilled in charcoal, tender and juicy. Perhaps he liked it this…

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Complicated relationships in life.

I’m In A Relationship, But It’s Complicated.

2560 1707 Oliver Kagwe

I get off on many things in life. Except math. Math is frustrating. Math is like trying to untangle tangled up earphone cables in a hurry – you only make it worse by trying harder. I consider that it is because of my relationship with math that I do not also trust people who say…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There Is Nothing Casual About COVID-19

426 118 Oliver Kagwe

I won’t lie, I am frightened. I am frightened because Kenya now has 4 confirmed cases of COVID-19. I am more frightened because I do not know how many more people have contracted it that haven’t presented themselves to hospitals. Initially, it seemed like an ‘outside Africa’ problem – how inaccurate a thought! The virus…

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Dollar money on Okagwe.com


2048 1152 Oliver Kagwe

Dear Client, Picture the good Lord – in brilliant white robes like burning magnesium – standing next to ravishing Golden Gates holding a paper that shines like the sun. That paper gleams like the cheques you are supposed to give me after I complete your assignment. Penned on that paper in indelible golden ink is…

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President Of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta gulping his favourite drink, beer.

What’s Behind The Image?

739 415 Oliver Kagwe

Does Uhuru Kenyatta fart in his blankets? Does he make it worse by sniffing around as if hoping that this time it’ll smell like citronella? I know he’s the president but, si he is a person at the end of the day? And let us not lie, normal people [read: boys] do these things. I…

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1110 473 Oliver Kagwe

  I had never spoken to her before in my life. But when I did, she couldn’t hear anything I was saying. Love can be as deaf as it is blind and as blind as it is deaf. She couldn’t see the point I was making either. Because she was in love. In so deep…

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Nocturnal Enuresis & Being A Form 4.

595 240 Oliver Kagwe

  Maybe the devil isn’t a lier. Maybe we just put the blame on him to make ourselves feel better. Because blaming someone or something other than yourself is somewhat relieving. In the spirit of the devil and lies and blames, I wasn’t blaming anyone for my mistakes today. I wasn’t going to let this…

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There Is No Title For This One.

1920 1280 Oliver Kagwe

As I quickly write this blog, I am struggling to find what it is for. Like what it’s purpose is. But then my blog has been quite dormant and I am under a lot of internal (and external) pressure to write. I have not been writing because I like not writing. In fact, I have…

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