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A Little Fish & Its Mother.

1599 1600 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 5 minutes“I want you to take this cheque to a man called Murathe. Specifically to him. Make sure that it his hands that touch this envelop next from your. You will find him at Family bank Kenyatta Avenue. Is it clear?” Instructed a big man in a pure cotton shirt that was definitely…

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A Desperate Woman & A Man With A Steak.

810 540 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 6 minutesOne day, a desperate woman hastened to go home to her children. Everything in her mind was a buzz: moving in random directions and random speeds at random times. She was experiencing a mixture of feelings; impatience, fear, regret, hopelessness, a bit of hope, determination, resentment and many other confused feelings. She…

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Who Doesn’t Love An Office Job.

700 466 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 8 minutes To be honest, there’s little pride in doing a dirty job. Ask anyone who does a dirty menial job they’ll tell you. If there was a possibility for them to do a ‘clean’ job, they’d sure as death jump on it. [Not that I cannot hear your thoughts wondering what dirty…

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The Man JP Barely Breathes.

450 391 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 7 minutes JP’s only prayer is that the government loosens its grip on his neck. He can barely breathe. He has not ever experienced what breathing without someone’s hand chocking his neck feels like. And note, it’s not like his body is ok with limited air, it’s just that it found the situation…

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Damn Your father!

348 348 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 5 minutes Our fathers have ruined their daughters, who shall we marry? They are screwing them left, right and centre – even top and bottom – abomination! They are driving them around with expensive vehicles and gifting them expensive lifestyles. They are competing with us for their children, and they are winning. I…

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Normal People Can Swim.

4608 3072 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 5 minutes When they approached the tomb with the intention of anointing Christ’s body, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were bloody shocked to find the huge tomb stone rolled away. Just beside the stone, two unbelievable men in clothing that ‘glowed like lightning’ told them that the impossible had happened; Jesus had…

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Choose Your Country!

498 323 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 7 minutesWe agreed in my previous post that the 1st time people organised themselves so that they had a leader, they formed a government. From the African plains to Europe’s highlands, the dry East and the tropical South West, the purpose of government was to organise people and protect their interests by making laws and policies. All…

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The Face Of A People.

600 375 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 4 minutesTo understand the government is to understand what ails it. It is to allow ourselves to be able to treat this sickness and make it functional again. A good government equals a good life for it’s people. Many people have put across their definitions of the word government. Google defines it as ‘the…

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Of Myself & Ignorance.

696 459 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 5 minutesVery old men say “..the youth are the future of this country.” Sometimes even the youth say and believe that they are the future of this nation, Kenya. That statement means that the youth are expected to fill the gaps that will be left by old outgoing folk. They (the youth), will…

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Where Does Allegiance Lie?

540 375 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 4 minutes I saw a post by a friend of mine that had me thinking more than I should have. The post went like: …Growing up means realising a lot of your friends aren’t really your friends… It then had hashtags like #fakepeople, #bereal, #selflove and more that I don’t remember. I don’t know why,…

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Johnny Doesn’t Care.

420 546 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 3 minutesLate this evening, my friend (Stalone) and I decided not to take a boda boda from Statehouse Road to Tao, and instead, we walked. We had managed to convince ourselves that it was unhealthy to spend about 70% of our days sitting. Imagine this: sitting in your bed in the morning for…

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My Idea Of Leadership.

6016 4000 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 5 minutesTo be in a position of leadership is to be in between a rock and a hard place. It is making choices, be they good or bad, and accepting to own the blame and be crucified when things go wrong. Being in a position of leadership is accepting that not everyone agrees…

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768 768 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 6 minutesMike Sonko is living the dreams of some of us. I mean it. See what you sit down and imagine you will own when you grow up, well, Sonko already owns it. During the weekend, I had the fortunate chance of visiting his family farm in Mua, Machakos county. At the time…

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1280 848 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe queue is long. From where I stand, it meanders round and round and terminates where the next person to enter the bus stands. I hate when I find these long ‘lines‘. Imagine you are just from a very tight day, and instead of heading straight into your cosy Benz and being…

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Money, Religion & Health #1

1920 1280 Oliver Kagwe

Reading Time: 4 minutesIf you are among those people who say that money is not equal to happiness, please move on to my other posts because I am just about to seriously offend you. I got myself into a hot discussion with my friend, Kamau, who I find it important to point out that has…

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